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Unicode characters

Different fonts have different support of Unicode characters. If a Unicode character is used on a web page, the web page must use a font that supports that Unicode character, and the web client (user) must have the same font installed in the client computer.

A good practice is to list many fonts for a web page, for example:

font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

and to only use unicode characters that are supported by all the listed fonts.

Arial Unicode MS is a font that supports many of the Unicode characters, but it is not a standard font in Microsoft Windows. If you do not have it in your computer, another font will be displayed on your screen.

Different web browser may support different Unicode characters, even if using the same font. For example the character 1E9E is displayed by IE 8.0 but not by FF 3.6, and the character 2140 is displayed by FF 3.6 but not by IE 8.0, when using Arial Unicode MS.

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