Cyclic Redundancy Checksum (CRC) calculations

CRC-16 and CRC-32 are very popular checksum methods, used in many protocols and in data storage. They are much safer than simple adding or xoring, but they take longer time to calculate.

Characters to calculate CRC of:

Label Result Name Method Polynomial Init End
CRC-8 - CRC-8-AT40 Reversed 0xB1 0 0
CRC-ARC - CRC-16-IBM/ANSI Reversed 0xA001 0 0
CRC-16 - CRC-16-CCITT Normal 0x1021 0 0
FCS-16 - CRC-16-CCITT Reversed 0x8408 1 1
CRC-32 - CRC-32 IEEE 802.3 Reversed 0xEDB88320 1 1
CRC-32C - CRC-32 Castagnoli Reversed 0x82F63B78 1 1
CRC-32K - CRC-32 Koopman Reversed 0xEB31D82E 1 1
XOR-8 - 8-bit xor
SUM-32 - 32-bit sum
Adler-32 - Adler-32, RFC-1950

Only the low 8 bits of the Unicode character codes are used.

Due to the execution time in JavaScript, a maximum of 32768 characters are allowed.

Other checksum methods were added on August 16, 2017.

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